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Medicaid Planning

  • Nursing Home/Institutional Care Program (ICP) Medicaid
  • Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Long-Term Care (SMMC LTC) Medicaid (and Other Long-Term Care Waiver Programs)
  • “Transition” Long-Term Care Medicaid Program

Medicaid is a state and federal partnership program which provides for basic needs such as food, cash, health, and long-term care.  Medicaid is the largest source of funding for medical and health-related services for people with limited means in the United States.  However, planning for a future need for Medicaid long-term care assistance is not limited to those who are indigent.  Proactive Medicaid Planning can ensure you will have sufficient funds to cover your long-term care expenses, avoid impoverishing a spouse or dependent child, preserve your quality of life, and perhaps leave a modest legacy for family.  Due to increased longevity, lack of affordable long-term care insurance options, and rising costs for care, Medicaid has been referred to as “long-term care insurance for the middle class”.  The average cost of a nursing home in the State of Florida is $8,669/month for a semi-private room (2020).  Medicare is a primary health insurance program for individuals who are disabled or age 65 or older and provides limited long-term care coverage after a qualified hospital stay.  Hospice benefits are limited to true “end of life” situations.  As a result, the costs of care related to chronic illnesses and cognitive decline are primarily paid out of hard-earned savings.  So-called “nursing home” (Institutional Care Program) Medicaid benefits defray the majority of the monthly cost of a skilled nursing facility stay – whether temporary (such as rehabilitation after a hospitalization) or more permanent, and “waiver” Medicaid benefits provide government-funded assistance with care “in the community” – such as in a private home, independent-living apartment, or assisted-living facility.  Medicaid planning can result in significant savings for individuals and families and can ensure proper safety and health care for the most vulnerable members of our society.  The attorneys in Rossway Swan’s Guardianship and Elder Law practice group focus on empathy, compassion, and the delivery of livable solutions for elderly and disabled individuals who need assistance preserving their property and providing for their health-related needs.

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