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Alternative Dispute Resolution in Vero Beach, FL

The Firm’s litigation attorneys are experienced in alternative strategies for optimizing case outcomes. The Firm evaluates the most appropriate and effective strategies to reach clients’ goals while recognizing that the best results are reached when litigators are fully prepared to try the case through verdict. Our litigation attorneys routinely use arbitration, mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution as pragmatic ways to meet our client’s needs, and are comfortable whether in court or an arbitration tribunal. 

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Alternative dispute resolution is more flexible than trial court proceedings. It refers to several different types of processes that can be used to resolve disputes, such as mediation, arbitration, and attorney-generated alternative performance agreements. Alternative dispute resolution is a separate means to address a party’s conflicts rather than a courtroom trial and can be selected to resolve disputes in all areas of law including, real estate disputesbusiness disputes, family lawdivorce, and probate and trust disputes.

Why Use Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Alternative dispute resolution can provide several advantages for clients. In select circumstances, alternative dispute resolution can be more cost-effective, efficient, and faster than traditional litigation. Alternative dispute resolution can also provide more control over the negotiation and outcome of the dispute by enabling a wider array of resolution options than a conventional judgment. In certain instances, the governing contract that is subject to the dispute or the applicable legal statute makes alternative dispute resolution mandatory.

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