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Staying Productive during COVID-19: Legal To-Do List

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The Attorneys and Staff at Rossway Swan know that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused stress and disruption for everyone. Typical reactions include frustration about how long we will need to remain in this situation, uncertainty about the future and fear of the unknown effects of the virus. One way to cope with this uneasiness is to be productive.  Now is a good time to address the legal issues that many of us put off.  Completion of items on your personal “To-Do List” can replace some of the control you thought you lost. We have assembled the following suggested “Legal To-Do List” for your reference:
  1. Create or update your estate plan.  The “SECURE Act” passed at the end of 2019, and it may be a good time for an “Estate Planning” check up to ensure your plan achieves your goals and addresses future concerns.
  2. Protect your business.  Domesticate out-of-state entities, review your organizational structure and corporate agreements, and evaluate asset protection matters for your existing business.
  3. Address real estate issues.  Complete paperwork to establish Florida residency, obtain Homestead (and other) exemptions, investigate refinancing considering record-low interest rates and ensure property is properly titled for your estate planning and liability protection.
  4. Plan for long-term care needs.  Unfortunately, long-term care issues do not slow down during a pandemic.  If you have a loved one who requires residential care and you want to protect assets to enhance their quality of life, plan ahead.
  5. Prepare for upcoming nuptials.  If you are getting married soon, you may want to consider utilizing a pre-marital agreement to protect separate assets and/or provide for your soon-to-be spouse.
Right now, you can prepare to come out stronger on the other side of this and we are here for you and can help.   Our attorneys are available for telephone or video conference at your convenience.

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