Estate Planning

Rossway Swan’s Trust & Estates practice guides clients through the complexities of determining how their property will be dealt with both during their lifetimes and any period of incapacity, but also, after their deaths. Typically, this process involves utilization of a Last Will and Testament and/or various trust-based plans. Although planning for incapacity and death is extremely valuable in protecting our loved ones, such conversations often evoke the anxieties and emotions associated with consideration of our own mortality. We are sensitive to the difficulty associated these matters, and strive to inspire the confidence and comfort of all involved. We take great care to anticipate potential complications in situations involving guardianship and probate, and to structure estate plans which minimize such problems.

Our trusts and estates attorneys have varied areas of specialization, encompassing matters including, but not limited to: income, estate and gift taxation; guardianship and mental health; special needs planning and government benefits programs; and patient autonomy and advocacy. We take pride in being able to provide our clients with appropriate legal counsel during all phases of their lives, including planning for potential disability and incapacity, advising clients with respect to disposition and tax planning, and preparing complex legal documents to effectuate client goals.

We also work closely with other professionals, such as: physicians, accountants, financial advisors, realtors, appraisers, corporate trustees, insurance agents, and other attorneys in the Firm, on matters which require expertise in unrelated areas.