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Everything You Need to Know About Mental Health Law

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What is the point of mental health law? Considering the CDC reports around one in five Americans experiencing a mental health disorder in any given year, nobody can ignore the legal ramifications. You would believe appropriate care and protection would be widely available, but countless schools, work establishments, and hospitals still discriminate against and mistreat these fellow citizens.

If you or a loved one has mental illnesses to contend with, you have rights. Below, the full-service law firm of Rossway Swan discusses the details.

What Are the Five Rights of a Mental Health Patient?

What are the five rights of a mental health patient in legal terms? Knowing the details is the first step to enforcing these rights.


The United States government grants liberty to every citizen, including those with mental health conditions. Everyone can make decisions about their own lifestyles and treatment options, even if that means denying mental health services. If people prove a danger to themselves or others, only then will the law enact due process before considering involuntary treatments or civil commitments.

Deny Isolation and Restraints

Educational systems and hospitals have misused physical and chemical restraints alongside seclusion for decades. These practices were once commonplace, but they are traumatizing rather than therapeutic. Society is starting to recognize that all patients have the right to be free of shackles and sedatives.

Acceptance in the Community

Mental health conditions are why schools dismiss children, landlords withhold housing, and many companies won’t make an offer of employment. However, striving for inclusion means addressing illnesses, providing self-help tools, and promoting recovery.

Accessible Services 

Mental health care requires treatment options and choosing when, where, and how to receive these services. Mental health professionals should be forthcoming about side effects, insurance benefits, and other details that support an informed choice.


What is the point of mental health law? It affords everyone the right to be fully in charge of their own lives. Another patient’s medical care information wouldn’t be available to third parties, so why do anything different for mental illness sufferers?

Everyone has the right to privacy. They may decide to share records with family members, friends, or other professionals, but it remains a personal decision.

What Are the Three Rules of Mental Health Practice?

Breaking the stigma around mental health encourages healthier, safer relationships. What are the three rules of mental health practice? Don’t talk, don’t trust, and don’t feel.

A mental health professional will encourage people to break these three rules for a healthier mind and body. The rules describe our natural tendencies to protect ourselves. However, they stem from misguided fear, a lack of faith, and other unhealthy ways to cope.

Laws that Protect Mental Health Patients Create Healthier Relationships

The world doesn’t understand mental health, but it is starting to. A legal team like Rossway Swan can help you build your case in Melbourne, Coral Gables, and Vero Beach, FL, or surrounding areas. We are board-certified by the Florida Bar and ready to uphold your mental health rights.

What is the point of mental health law? Find out with Rossway Swan at 321-984-2700 today!

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