Contract Drafting

The key to avoiding construction litigation begins with appropriate contract documents. While many in the construction industry are accustomed to using standardized forms, these are fraught with pitfalls and one-sided provisions. Our attorneys have developed construction agreements that can be adapted to particular projects

By working with a RosswaySwan construction lawyer early in the process to assist you with the formation of your construction contract, the process will be more efficient and effective. Our construction attorneys will put the pieces together and review the terms and conditions of the contract, as well as the scope of work, the payment and delivery schedules and other important details.

RosswaySwan also caters to its’ individual clients who need high end residential or commercial construction contracts prepared or reviewed. An early review of a construction contract prior to signing allows our construction lawyers the opportunity to properly and fully advise our clients as to the meaning of each and every contractual provision. Once a complete understanding is had we can work between the contractors and the individuals to negotiate any controversial provisions and help limit any disagreements as the project is completed.