Debt Collection and Judgment Enforcement

Florida Collection Attorneys

Rossway Swan assists individuals and corporations to enforce and collect judgments. Whether your judgment was earned by the Rossway Swan trial attorney team, needs to be domesticated in Florida from another jurisdiction or requires legal efforts at collection, our lawyers provide creditors with the collection and enforcement of judgments. The firm’s attorneys strictly adhere to all debt collection laws while utilizing creative strategies for collecting client’s debt and enforcing their judgment.

How to Collect what you are Owed?

Although a client has won a judgment in the courtroom, the courts do not collect those funds for them. While the court may require documentation, the actual collection of your funds can be difficult. Our aggressive debt collection attorneys help clients obtain what is owed to them through creative and ethical debt collection solutions. Our lawyers aggressively employ our judgment enforcement methods, using every legal means available to attach, seize, or garnish debtors’ assets to enforce a client’s judgment. In cases where debtors move or transfer assets, or take other evasive actions such as hide behind corporations, declare fraudulent bankruptcies, or set up other asset protection structures, Rossway Swan implements all the necessary procedures to counteract attempts to hide assets by debtosr.

With three offices located in Melbourne/Viera, Vero Beach and Coral Gables, the law firm of Rossway Swan serves clients throughout Florida. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced debt collection and judgement enforcement attorneys.