Asset Protection/Wealth Preservation

Rossway Swan takes an integrated approach to asset protection and wealth preservation and planning. We are particularly adept at creating customized plans to fit our clients’ unique needs and goals using a highly sophisticated methodology that employs creative, yet conservative strategies to preserve wealth. Our clients trust us to develop a plan that addresses a broad spectrum of realities that may encompass potential litigation, family issues or conflicts, professional matters, personal obligations, incapacity, and other matters.

A sound wealth preservation plan begins with evaluating a number of factors that may increase an individual’s exposure to risk. High risk professions and lifestyles, difficult family dynamics, estate tax exposure, and beneficiaries with special needs are a few of the numerous considerations we take into account when developing comprehensive plans for our clients.

Our attorneys craft detailed wealth preservation plans and structure arrangements that are designed to preserve value by meticulously addressing aspects related to the access, control, management and ownership of assets. The strategies we employ take into consideration the complete picture of a client’s lifestyle and preferences, including: place of residence, desired mobility, investment objectives, tax and estate planning concerns, present financial circumstances, and the client’s desire to access assets in the future.